Dwarf hamsters

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Keeping a Dwarf Hamster for a pet is truly not too hard but there are some things to keep in mind. Selecting a size that would fit in well with you and your family is extremely important.

When having a hamster for a pet you’ll need to have adequate housing. Hamsters love tunnels and exercise wheels and will spend hours on this small gym. An owner is quite aware how long a hamster spends awake before the exercise wheel can have an annoying squeak. When you have listened to 2 hours or more straight because of an exercise wheel you’ll know precisely what I am talking about.

Keeping a dwarf hamster for a pet also means that you will have to keep the hamster cage clean and dry. When picking a hamster cage to search for one that is easy to clean. Although the larger and better ones are so much cooler it’s not cool when you spend hours trying to put is together after a washing. A good size cage which allows tons of space and toys is more than sufficient for dwarf hamster to live comfortably and be joyful. Having to buy the coolest looking cage may also get you a lot of scrubbing and work.

Keeping a dwarf hamster for a pet also means you’ll have to think of the cost of food. Hamsters are often fed a pellet food. Some add some seed mixture to the pellet mix. For snacks the hamster can have vegetables and fruits. Also it is good to introduce a new food slowly to the hamster. An overload on something really good can lead to stomach upset and a hamster with the runs. And this isn’t going to be fun when you must pull apart the dwarf hamster condo.

When keeping a dwarf hamster as a pet it’s perfectly fine to have the child watch from a distance and not try and pick them up. There are occasions when hamsters get frightened and will bite. This is not a indication of aggression but telling you that he’s fearful and this is the only way he must protect himself.

Earning the confidence of a hamster does not take long. Sometimes when the hamster seems to be tired or nippy it’s best to hold off the interaction. A hamster that doesn’t want to be bothers won’t be to receptive to new commands. When trying to hold your skittish hamster it is okay to use treats to win him over. This allows the dwarf hamster know that you are not there to hurt him but rather to feed him something good.

Remember to always have clean water available in his water bottle. Since they’re quite busy and so small it would not require too much time for him to fall ill and dehydrated.

Keeping a dwarf hamster for a pet include things you need to know and are extremely basic. Even the local vet can give you a few pointers on handling and raising hamsters.

If the hamster looks lethargic and is smaller than his littermate’s, chances are there’s something brewing or going on. If you get him settled and he doesn’t eat after a day a call to the vet is warranted.

By heeding the warnings about what to watch for while maintaining a dwarf hamster as a pet then all should be OK. Although they are tiny these small creatures have an awesome personality; they still need the right care and proper home. With a little know how and a good house, your pet will be a joy to have.

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